Strategic Business Development Area (SBDA)


Herman Verveld, Director: ‘The main purpose of SBDA is to generate further future growth of the HZPC organisation. SBDA creates differentiation and added value. In 2016/2017 we worked on eleven projects. ‘Significant progress has been made in all projects, which will enable us to take the next steps’.

Significant progress has been made in all projects, which will enable us to take the next steps
Herman Verveld, Chief Commercial Officer

Globally, there is considerable growth, including in relatively new and complex markets. SBDA projects in China, India, Russia and Central Africa are developing successfully. Our Solentum® products, SolEye®, SolAntenna® and SolGrader® were successfully launched to various European customers. This project is currently generating its first income, and the order portfolio for the products is looking good.

With new concepts like Fries4all® and Woksi® we are entering new markets, and we are also managing to attract future generations of consumers to potato products. In addition, almost all SBDA projects deliver an important value to HZPC Holding’s sustainability strategy.’

SBDA is active in three areas:
• Commercialising further global geographic growth
• Commercialising complementary potato-related
trade. Examples of this are the Solentum® and potato-hybrids projects
• The commercialisation of new market segments and products. The SBDA projects: Woksi®, Fries4All®, Retail and Foodservice.

Joint venture in India, Mahindra-HZPC

  • New production facility for mini-tubers is ‘future proof’
  • Team of motivated employees
  • All four HZPC varieties have been registered and approved
  • Temporary hiccup as a result of Indian government’s demonetisation measures


  • Enthusiastic, small, but fast-growing young team
  • More new Solentum® products to follow
  • Fast roll-out to more countries worldwide



  • Revolutionary potato concept
  • Create new sales channels
  • Retain young generations for potato consumption
  • Collaboration with a major European processor
  • This concept is currently being introduced to the European market


  • Healthier French fries
  • Target next year is roll-out via:
    - a global foodservice chain
    - retail channel in a European market
Potatoes are hot again! Making new dishes is fun. Creativity will keep future generations of consumers interested in the potato
Herman Verveld, Chief Commercial Officer

Challenges for the near future

  • Fast-moving technological developments
  • Connectivity
  • E-retailing
  • Increased food demand for a fast growing population, with an important role in this for potatoes in particular
  • Customers and breeders want real-time, on-site current information