Stet Holland


Peter Ton, director: ‘For Stet Holland, the main theme of 2016/2017 was the acquisition of the seed potato activities and assets of KWS Potato. It was formally completed at the beginning of the year under review. We can speak of a successful asset deal, which immediately contributed to our growth and performance.

The integration of both companies has gone very well. Within only one year, we can confirm that the acquisition is complementary to our company in many respects. The number of employees at Stet Holland has almost doubled. These are highly qualified and motivated colleagues, who bring their own enriching ‘DNA’.

We have become more complete thanks to an attractive company acquisition
Peter Ton, director of Stet Holland

The confidence of the incoming growers group in Stet Holland is high. No growers left due to the acquisition at the end of the year. The acquisition also brought a nice portfolio of varieties, which enables us to offer an even broader range to our customers.

The financial results of the past year are greater than we expected. Stet Holland has become even more complete and stronger. We want to maintain and strengthen this position.’

Stet Holland doubled in size over the last two years

  • Grower group from 100 to 200 companies
  • Employees in the Netherlands from 17 to 26
  • Employees abroad from 7 to 10
  • A doubling in sales
  • Financial result well above expectation
The VR 808
The VR 808

De VR 808

One top product that was acquired is the VR 808. Light yellow and bright in colour. This variety is even considered as the ‘new standard’ for the production of fries.


Developments in the French fries industry are impressive. The current or cautiously expanding surface area in the Netherlands and Europe is unable to keep up with the demand of the processing companies. This causes pressure on international markets. This area presents a major challenge for our company and the entire sector over the coming years.

Trading activities of KWS Potato were taken over in:

the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Poland, Russia.

Acquisition of new varieties

Stet Holland was particularly strong in terms of varieties for the fresh market. The company acquisition also added a new portfolio. These are varieties that already have a market position. They also present opportunities for our R&D programme. The acquired varieties are particularly popular with the French fries and crisps processing industry.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions were unfavourable in the past year. The pre-season was cold and the growing season was dry.

The hunger of the processing industry is almost impossible to satisfy
Peter Ton, director of Stet Holland

High market demand

Tonnage yield   -8 percent
Financial yield   +10 percent

The remaining harvest yield was well-compensated in our financial compensation to our growers.