Human Resources


HR Manager Koenraad Witteveen: ‘Our organisation is growing and is in full swing. The employees, the company’s most important asset, grow and move along. HZPC is an organisation where people like to take a step further. We can count on their dedication, knowledge and experience.

HZPC is proud of its employees. Internal research shows that this is mutual
Koenraad Witteveen, HR manager

The HR team supports the employees and the organisation so that they can perform. The organisation continues to grow and exploit opportunities in the market. The work force is expanding along with it. Last year we again welcomed a large number of new colleagues. The inflow currently consists mainly of young, highly educated people. We put a lot of energy into attracting talent, such as with Young HZPC.

Number of employees

400 employees
340 fte

Young HZPC

The composition of the staff is changing. The emphasis is now more on young employees entering the company.

  • Meeting in Berlin: Young HZPC
  • 63 colleagues younger than 31 years old
  • Mutual bond and think tank

HZPC has been an exporting, international company for over 100 years. We are also striving for further internationalisation of the work force. This is enriching for the whole organisation.

  • 23 nationalities
  • 33 expats
  • Dynamics on the work floor


HZPC has a lot of knowledge and experience. We have many mid-career employees. We want to cherish and hold on to them by giving them perspectives.

  • Talent development
  • Interesting projects
  • Internal flow
  • Each year, 4% of employees change job position


It is quite a task to attract a sufficient number of highly skilled employees. Top employees must be actively sought out and recruited by setting out reasons and arguments. We have employed a private recruiter for this purpose.

  • Global labour market
  • International talent
  • High potentials

Corporate culture

HZPC is proud of its employees. Internal research shows that this is mutual.