Financial statement

Notes to the company financial statement 2016/2017


The company financial statements are part of the 2016/2017 financial statements of the group. With respect to the company profit and loss statement, use has been made of the exemption pursuant to Section 2:402 of the Netherlands Civil Code.

In so far as no further explanation is provided of items in the company balance sheet and the company profit and loss account, please refer to the notes to the consolidated balance sheet and profit and loss account.

Accounting policies
The principles for the valuation of assets and liabilities and the determination of the result are the same as those applied to the consolidated balance sheet and profit and loss account, with the exception of the principles stated below.

Financial instruments
In the company financial statements, financial instruments are presented on the basis of their legal form.

Participating interests in group companies
Participating interests in group companies are accounted for in the company financial statements according to the equity accounting method on the basis of net asset value. For details we refer to the accounting policy for financial fixed assets in the consolidated financial statements.

Result of participating interests
This item concerns the company’s share in the profit or loss of these participating interests. In so far as gains or losses on transactions involving the transfer of assets and liabilities between the company and its participating interests or between participating interests themselves can be considered unrealised, they have not been recorded.

Please refer to the explanation on page 36.