Feeding the world

HZPC Holding is committed to sound business management, long-term growth and performance, and a good price for its growers. In addition, we feel a responsibility for the global food supply. We want to realise a mission that is greater than just corporate interest; our motto is, feeding the world.

We have the drive to make a difference in global food supply
Gerard Backx, CEO

Our passion

Potatoes are our passion. The potato is a beautiful crop with a high nutritional value. Potatoes can help feed the growing world population. HZPC feels it has a social duty to make the best quality seed potatoes available to all people in all corners of the world. Professional arable farmers, but also small semiprofessional growers. The vast majority of global production still consists of proprietary locally propagated material. If growers gain access to better seedlings, the yield can increase dramatically.

Potatoes are very nutritious and relatively easy to cultivate. Partly due to the introduction of new varieties, ‘our’ crop is suitable for almost all soil and climatic conditions. The potato has a short growth cycle and, more importantly, requires much less water than other crops. No wonder that sales continue to grow.

Taking responsibility

HZPC Holding is a company that wants to take responsibility for people and the environment. We take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.

The policy is based on three pillars: environmental stewardship, contribution to food security and social impact. CSR reports were published in 2014 and 2016 and in 2016, Stet obtained the ISO 26000 certificate. Corporate social responsibility is part of our company’s DNA. A new CSR report will be published in 2018, which will report on our efforts in this area.